"If you'd have told us that not only could we have a baby that sleeps for 11 hours straight, but also that it could get to a point where bedtime is hassle and tear free, I would never have believed you!
Emma is very professional and caring, and worked with us to understand the right approach for our family for getting our 9 month old daughter to sleep. She took the time to understand our story (which also felt like a very therapeutic counselling session for us), and delivered our sleep plan to our inbox in less than 24 hours. She was then on text support for a whole four weeks to answer any sleep related queries (and join in our celebrations of success), and provided a very helpful catch up call half way through our time with her.
All in all, we've been thoroughly impressed with Emma's expertise, responsiveness, and level of support. The package we chose was worth far more than the monetary value we paid (and much cheaper than other individuals we had considered previously). The bed dread we once had is now gone, and I'd recommend her services to anyone who is having issues with their child's sleep."

Emma Smith, Leeds
June 2021