Jazz got in touch with My Baby Sleep Coach regarding her 11 month old daughter, Frankie, because she was so worried about returning to work (after maternity leave) as Frankie was waking so frequently in the night...

"Emma was very supportive and responded to me straight away when I was asking questions during the sleep training. She reassured me and encouraged me throughout. She let me go at my own pace and was very positive about the whole process. Emma reminded me that it was a journey and that sometimes we will go two steps forward and one step back but that it was normal and ok for that to happen.

My little one is nearly 11 months old and hadn't slept through the night once until I started the sleep training and by the third night (with Emma's help) she slept for 12 hours and then for 11 hours the night after! Yes, it was hard work, but I knew she was ok, thanks to Emma. However, by night 5, my little girl didn't seem herself so I didn't do the sleep training that night but I know now that, when the time is right, I can do it again. As Emma has said to me, it's a tool that I can use whenever I feel it's right, which made me feel positive about doing it again.

Thank you so much, I'm so glad I got in touch."

Jazz Newton, Leeds
May / June 2020