The Roberts Family

"After ten very sleepless months since the arrival of my daughter, my husband and I were at the end of our tether. Our baby had never slept for more than 3 hours at a time, and most of the night the wakings were every hour or so. We were running on empty and had taken to bringing Isla into the bed with us, which did give us longer stretches of sleep but we didn't feel it was a long term solution, and that also meant we couldn't imagine being able to leave her with babysitters or grandparents. Emma was extremely supportive and understood our situation without any judgement. She listened, coached and offered suggestions during our telephone consultation. She didn't rush me and was really accommodating when Isla's crying meant that we had to start and restart our conversations! Emma provided a really comprehensive plan tailored to Isla's situation, and backed up her recommendations with some background reading into the science of sleep coaching.  This really helped me as I was so concerned about the effect that any kind of sleep training might have on Isla, and Emma was able to put me at ease about this. She was also on hand to help us and checked in to give us confidence and let us know that we were being supported all the way. The future is looking brighter and restful! I can't recommend Emma's services enough!"

Kylie Roberts, London
October - November 2019