Sarah and Steve contacted My Baby Sleep Coach when their 13 month-old son, Seb, was waking so frequently throughout the night that they ended up taking him into their bed. They really wanted to revert back to when he slept in his own bedroom and felt like they had tried everything.

This is what Sarah said after their time spent with Emma at My Baby Sleep Coach.

"Hi Emma, Thanks so much for coming to see us and writing our sleep plan for Seb. Your visit has helped us look at things differently and see how lots of little changes have probably had an impact on Seb’s sleep patterns. We realised that a lot of the sleep cues that we had originally put in (soft night light, white noise, music, same teddy etc) have gradually stopped or changed since trying to put him in his own bedroom, so we’re gradually trying to introduce them back in.

On one of the first nights it took a good 30 mins to get him to sleep following the sleep plan but once he went to sleep he then slept all night! We feel it’s gone well, in part due to getting his routine better established, and also because we’ve managed to remove his dodie (dummy). He’s settling during the day well to sleep and also is settling into his cot easier when going to bed. Your advice has been invaluable so far and fingers crossed he continues to improve. He’s doing so well, when I think back to how he was before you came. We’re really pleased and, touch wood, he’s going to keep getting better at it. We can’t thank you enough."

Sarah Dooley, Leeds
January 2020