Hannah reached out to My Baby Sleep Coach with Izzy who has developmental delay; Hannah had read about various methods to encourage Izzy to self-soothe in her cot at sleep times but she needed that bit of extra support and encouragement to implement it. Here's what Hannah said after her time with us.

"We have just finished our time with Emma and I cannot recommend her enough. I knew when I first spoke to Emma that we were so nearly there but we needed that boost of confidence and support to get us 'over the line.' Prior to working with Emma my daughter, who was 9 months when we started, had a dummy - something I was keen to change. My little girl has developmental delay as a result of a rare condition and as such is unlikely to be able to put her dummy in herself anytime soon which meant there was a lot of going in and out of her bedroom to put the dummy back in. We were keen to give her as much independence with her sleep as possible and try and encourage self-soothing. Emma was fantastic, she took a detailed background; taking the time to understand Izzy's condition and ensure that any advice she gave us was appropriate. Emma was very easy to contact and so supportive. As a result of Emma's advice Izzy is now dummy free and able to self soothe much better both at night and also during the day. After weeks of trawling the internet wondering what methods would be appropriate for Izzy I am so pleased we made the decision to enlist Emma's help and get some tailored advice. Thank you Emma! "

Hannah Naylor, Leeds
October 2020