A vision and purpose for My Baby Sleep Coach

I very much valued an opportunity to work with The Growth Shed to help me think about a vision and a purpose for My Baby Sleep Coach.

Last week, I worked with Paul Slater from The Growth Shed; I gained some valuable ideas about a vision and a purpose for my new business, My Baby Sleep Coach. It was a real eye opener and a great exercise to motivate me and provide me with the right direction for growing my business.

This is how I managed to describe the purpose of my business;

"My Baby Sleep Coach aims to work in partnership with clients to enable them to identify achievable and realistic solutions to their babies' sleep difficulties so that they can feel fully confident to make effective changes, and because parent and baby relationships should not be damaged by the stress and anguish caused by sleep disturbance."

Using Paul's Ready? Plan. Grow! approach we worked on a vision, purpose, pitch, customer journey, products and services, pricing, and channels to market. From here I managed to set up a Facebook page and a website that encompassed all the right ingredients to get started. I feel very excited about moving forward.

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